A Mosaic of Grace – Nina Navisky

Pastor Tim Lundstrom has two weeks to decide.

Soon he will preside over his daughter Gracie’s wedding–a blessing he has long prayed for–but as the day approaches, he finds himself dreading its arrival.

Tim harbors a shameful secret: he has lost his faith. Revealing himself risks losing Gracie, his adored and only child; his baffling autistic grandson, Luke; his devout and kind-hearted wife; and the community he has nurtured at his small Texas church. But the price of silence is steep. Performing the ceremony as a nonbeliever will taint Gracie’s wedding and bind him forever to the secret that isolates him from those he loves.

Also burdened by the truth is Josephine Wallis, an accomplished physician who has yet to confess her secret to her longtime boyfriend. Compounding her worries is the looming deadline of the wedding–will her intellectually disabled younger sister be ready to live on her own when Gracie and Luke move out of the apartment the three now share?

A poignant exploration of the boundaries of trust and the repercussions of secrets, A Mosaic of Grace captivates with its skillful weaving of the lives of the Lundstrom and Wallis families as they wrestle with uncertainty and stumble towards acceptance.