A Promise to Keep – Loretta Livingstone

For the last five years, Marion has kept the promise she made to a medieval knight, one Giles de Soutenay, to deliver two Epipens every year at Whitsuntide via the mystical beech tree which once catapulted her back in time. As long as Giles is able to provide these devices for Prince John, he will be able to keep his lands…and his life.

But this year, Marion is in hospital. Desperate to keep her word, she entrusts the devices to Shannon, her daughter. Shannon only has to place the Epipens in a hollow in the roots of the old tree. However, she has recently been betrayed by the man she trusted. Still hurting and embarrassed by the pity she sees in the eyes of her friends, she just wants to get as far away as possible. And she can’t get much further away than the twelfth century.

Hildegarde, Abbess of Sparnstow, is expecting a visit from Giles. She is not expecting a young woman from 2012.

Book 2 in the Out of Time series. Genre: Timeslip/Historical Fiction