A Shade of Innocence ā€“ Jane West

He’s a 300-year-old druid.
She’s a genetically altered angel.
Will love bridge the gap between them… or will one betray the other?

When Stephanie moves to south Louisiana, it is not a welcomed move for the eighteen-year-old, but when Aidan Bane steps into her English class, things begin to get interesting until he opens his mouth. Apart from his piercing blue eyes and the confident set of his shoulders, Aidan Bane is arrogant, exasperating and stab worthy. They do not get along but then slowly, Aidan works his way into Stephanie’s heart.

But when Aidan reveals the truth about his origin and Stephanie’s connection to an ancient society, the Illuminati, and the dangerous peril that surrounds her, she must face the truth.

Setting aside the safety of his own life, Aidan finds himself protecting Stephanie against the sadistic Illuminati that seeks to murder her, while keeping himself alive at the same time.

As the Illuminati unfurls its wrath, Stephanie and Aidan are forced to take matters into their own hands. With their futures hanging in the balance, they both agree there is only one solution that will save them both.

Darkly romantic and magically suspenseful, A Shade of Innocence captures the struggle between defying our fears and following our hearts.