A Spell On You – Tom E Cantillon

A Spell On You, the first book of the Spellbound trilogy, finds two teens, Sienna Clark and Will Blake, battling Shard, a warlock determined to obtain an elusive book of white magic.

Will, a fifteen-year old, wants only to play guitar and be in a rock band like Aerosmith, until he hears one of Sienna’s poems and finds himself captivated by her creative spirit.

Before he can reveal his feelings, Shard kidnaps Sienna, leaving a message: Bring me the book or she will suffer.

Thus begins Will’s perilous journey into an unknown battle between good and evil.

A Spell On You is a tale of magic, both good and dark, as well as the powerful mystery of young love. The Spellbound trilogy continues with A Taste for Magic and Casting Souls.