A Tale of Silence and Storm – Tobias A. Weber

The storms are rising.

The words of House Elsworth never seemed truer. It has been over sixty years since Magnus the Fool and the last of his white tigers were slain. An oppressive silence has befallen the realm in the course of the last years, despite the growing problems. Northerners are raiding the western shores while King Henrik does nothing but bathe in the glory of his famous ancestor. The guardians are the real rulers of the kingdom, yet the Great Houses keep a jealous watch over them.

Just as the mutual distrust reaches new heights, the Guardian of the South dies. By tradition, his successor has to be determined in trials, including a duel to the death, witnessed by the members of all five Great Houses. Therefore, Ser Paxton, the Guardian of the West, is leaving the capital to summon the High Lord of his home region. The events taking place during his journey will change the realm forever.