A Tapestry of Tears: Short Stories from India – Gita V. Reddy

“Reddy writes in a straight forward prose that entices you to turn the page. For an American reader, it is truly a journey into another world,” Donna Foley Mabry, Author of Maude ~ #1 best-seller on amazon.

This is a collection of a novelette and twelve short stories, bringing to life the varied culture and social spectrum of India. Change, loss, social pressures, love, relationships, and family are woven into this tapestry. Where there are tears, there is also strength, and hope.

From reviews:
“Gita Reddy is particularly perceptive about the dynamics of married relationships.”
“To learn of another culture is amazing and this book will give you just that. Each story tells their story and the way that things are.”
“The stories are like pages out of our own lives.”
“This collection helps me see my world in a whole new light.”

“It was here she realized why women the world over indulged themselves with needlework. For it was an indulgence, a soothing of the senses, a gentling of thoughts. They spoke, not in a rush, and not even to each other but their words were like a gentle brook, and took with them their hurts and worries. No man could understand the sisterhood of a sewing circle, she thought, listening to them.”

“There was no reason for his behavior except that he felt very vulnerable and insecure, as if his home was a fragile nest built high above the ground and a single gust of wind would scatter it away. He wished he could gather his wife and children close to him and keep them safe forever.”

“You knew, didn’t you, what would happen to me without you? You cared only about me. You knew that I was like a two- year- old who would get lost. You feared I was crazy enough to walk off a cliff. You knew, and you prepared Aarti, and you were happy that she would take care of me, and of Ankit. That is why you look content. That is why you smile. Let me say the words that always made you happy. Nalini, you were right, again.”