A Taste For Magic – Tom E Cantillon

A Taste for Magic, book two of the Spellbound trilogy, is a darker tale of vengeance as it continues to follow Sienna and Will, but also delves deep into the story of Shard, Oletta and book of white magic.

Book Two tells the story of a young boy, who suffers a personal tragedy then finds himself immersed in a world of black magic.

Despite all he does to gain his own dark powers, he is unable to achieve his goal, one that goes against all heavenly beliefs. Learning of a book of white magic, he continues down a dark and bloody path to complete his sinful plan.

Somewhere between the angels of heaven and Hell’s darkest torments, lies the power of love,the bond between family, and the ultimate sacrifice both Oletta and the boy make. The Spellbound trilogy concludes with Casting Souls.