Acolyte – Chris Tetreault-Blay

They raised him to bring forth a New World. Then he returned to take it away.

In 1684, Franklin James’s daughter Evelyn disappears from their home in the dead of night. The search for her takes his rescuers to the darkest reaches of Wildermoor, and into the clutches of The Council of Eternal Light.

Hundreds of years later, D.I. Truman Darke fails to convict Colin Dexler, a man accused of a most brutal and motiveless murder. After Dexler kills again, both of their lives turn upside down. Now the prime suspect in a murder case, Truman flees in order to find the answers he seeks.

Doing so, he unearths more about his past than he ever thought possible… and comes face-to-face with an evil that has been lurking in the shadows for three hundred years.