Acupuncture of The Mind – Goran Zivanovic

Psychiatric wards are full of mirrors.

During his mind surgeries, Julian practiced healing methods unlike I, his long-time colleague, had ever known. My time at Cathedral Psychiatric Facility is where my rebirth and growth took shape. At present, I am one of the Directors of Psychiatry at Cathedral.

‘Death fertilises rebirth,’ Julian reminded me often. ‘It’s organic.’

Something within Julian died long ago. I regularly saw the shadowy remains lodged deep in his eyes when he stepped from one world to the next.

Julian allowed me to understand the concept of death from a non-clinical viewpoint, and it somehow belongs in the field of psychological science. You will judge Julian when he enters you in his quest to understand the depths of your actions. He can be extremely vague at times, until logic surfaces and stings you with needle-sharp precision. Distress is imminent when he highlights what we have become. He tested my spirit a few times by whispering my name in an empty room.

Julian’s thought processes are intoxicating. Increasingly, I felt it my responsibility to water the harvest and allow the public to sample his philosophies; to distribute the genius within this crumbling madness.

I cannot verify all the content in Julian’s manuscript, which consists of unsubstantiated moments inside and outside the walls of Cathedral Psychiatric Facility. His biographical accounts might further infect your psychological wounds, or they could heal your bites. I will navigate you through the uneasy movements of his world, and allow you to steer these events to your own destination.

Great people enter this world through all variety of women. I did not know my mentor’s mother; however, as a woman, I revere her for bearing a son by the name of Julian Aquinas Marcus.

My name is Bliss Stone, and these insights into Julian’s convictions are made public at his request. I cannot deny the kindred spirit we share and I cannot shield society from this significant find, even though I do not necessarily agree or understand all of Julian’s poignant writings. Like folklore, this story will travel at its own pace.

These words haunt me still to this very day, and I am most fortunate.