Amadea: One Spring in France – Michelle Granas

“A quick, entertaining, wonderful story,” “delightful”—Amazon reviews. This is a category bestseller about unusual friendships and the value of saying no.

“Mademoiselle, you are boring,” says Amadea’s employer and fires her from a teaching post in Paris: “No one wants to learn poetry here.” In desperate pursuit of a job, Amadea travels to a small village in the Pyrenees, where she meets an aging aristocrat in need of a companion. It seems that Amadea has finally found someone who appreciates her for her kindness and cultivation.

She begins to enjoy her new occupation and the first human warmth she has encountered in years. Unfortunately, the village is not as peaceful as it appears and her path is soon crossed by a number of undesirables, including a charming lawyer and a scholarly alcoholic with a problem—and it isn’t his drinking. His son Hugo is trying to force him to sell the family land and is using a young thug to keep the pressure on. Hugo never expects, however, that his father will try to reform the fellow.

Raymond may be an alcoholic, but like Amadea, he has inner strengths in spite of his failings, and he believes in the power of words. Hugo isn’t happy and when Amadea inadvertently gets involved matters spin out of control.