An Auspicious Day in Derbyshire – Margaret Sharp

When news of the approach of Georgiana’s wedding reaches the ears of the all-condemning Lady Catherine de Bourgh, the latter instantly resolves to set off to Pemberley on a mission with two objectives. First, to dissuade her niece from entering into a marriage with someone of inadmissibly inferior social status. Second, should her best efforts at shock and awe (and the release of her flying monkeys) somehow fail to terrify her naive and feckless niece, to issue a stark ultimatum to the Darcys: they must either refuse to issue an invitation to Anne (and, most particularly, one to her husband,) or they must face the wrath of Lady Catherine, herself, in the form of a merciless boycott. What will Georgiana decide? Will she bow to intimidation? Will the would-be dowager despot, Catherine, find reason to change her attitude?