An Australian Story – Gordon Smith – Gordon Smith

“William Charker, for your part in the burglary of the dwelling of Thomas Evans at St. Mary Lambeth and stealing goods to the value of £33.60 you are hereby sentenced, along with your accomplice, to 7 years transportation in the colony of New South Wales.”

And so starts the saga of an Australian Family. Although this is the story of my ancestors it is also the story of Australia.

William Chalker arrived in Australia aboard the convict ship Perseus on 13th of July 1808 and became the first member of the family to become “Australian.”

We follow the story of William and his descendants’ right through to 1998. Their lives, their hardships and the joys. A story like this would be incomplete without mentioning the events taking place around them. Wars, elections, disasters and celebrations, they are all there. This is not a history textbook, but the reader will gain an understanding of what makes Australia and Australians through the eyes of one family.

I am very proud of this book as I am proud of my journey in writing it. I am also willing to show that I was able to revise the book several times following constructive criticism from readers and I am sure that you will love the current edition.

Sophia Costigan on February 17, 2016 wrote on Amazon:
“I really enjoyed the story.”

While Kenneth Allen wrote on 18th August 2015:
“Loved it, had me wanting it not to end.”

John Staughton wrote:
“…..Not only that, he balanced family dynamics and a rich narrative with some of the most impactful events in modern history. There was a wealth of research behind this book to make so much of it so believable, and for that alone, I would respect the author and give him five stars. However, what really pushed this book over the edge of great for me was his diligent character work – bringing these people to life for us, his readers, as we watch them grow as individuals and evolve as a family unit. Truly Impressive Stuff!”

And finally Veronica on GoodReads wrote:
“What I loved most about this book is that it is sectioned off by each character involved within the family. Many different time periods are introduced that way, which really makes it even more exciting. It begins in 1880, and ends in 1998. I was so intrigued by the way the times changed during this huge time period, and saddened by the events at the same time. This family endured so much, between hardship and loss, and love and courage. Truly inspirational.”