And Don’t Forget The Roses – P.J. Paterson

Sam had kept his final promise to his late wife Annie. Sitting on the steps outside the National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square London, he could hear a woman shouting and screaming behind him. Their meeting would alter the direction of their lives forever.

Soon after Penny first met Sam she felt as if she knew him, because of her inner sense of being able to trust him. How can I trust you if we’ve never met before? she asked herself. Was their meeting by accident; was this fate or a force beyond their control drawing them together?

Both of them bore scars from their past. Sam’s was due to betrayal of love and trust, caustic memories eating away at his soul.

Penny carried guilt from her early childhood, lonely and friendless, a guilt which sapped her belief in herself, from truly believing in herself.

With their friendship taking on a momentum of its own, Sam becomes drawn into her life as an actress, and the lives of her two Aunties. But behind the scenes simmering revenge and betrayal is being acted out – a plot which could not only destroy Penny’s career and sanity, but the good reputations of her two aunties’ and Sam.