Annie’s 1st Break – Willee Amsden

Annie McCauley has left the mobile home park where she grew up in West Texas to make a career as a high fashion model in NYC. She has the looks and determination, but she also has a few problems. One big problem is that she’s the kind of woman that “things” happen to. Sometimes those things are accidental and sometimes they’re nasty tricks played on her by her arch rival and former friend, Brittany Carstairs. A hot temper doesn’t help matters.

Situations have a tendency to be hilarious and relationships complicated in Annie’s world. That’s why she has her rules, like the rule about only dating one man at a time. At first it seemed simple when handsome Tomi Di Ponti, CEO of Di Ponti Cosmetics and Fashions, wanted her for spokesmodel for the new line of cosmetics, but then the trouble started, someone was sabotaging the company and Luther Grolsch, sexy, dangerous and quite possibly the most annoying man Annie ever met entered the picture.

In this first book of the Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries Annie and a cast of quirky characters will keep you laughing and turning pages.