Anything for HIm – LK Chapman

To Sammie, Jay is her first boyfriend; someone to be loved and adored, someone she is desperate to make happy.

For Felicity, eleven years later, Jay is a distraction from the traumatic loss of her parents; her relationship with him uncomplicated, impulsive and mindless.

Then Jay turns Felicity’s world upside down when he asks her to help him get revenge on a childhood friend; a friend he said destroyed his relationship with Sammie, and wrecked his life. But when Felicity agrees to Jay’s strange plan, she gradually begins to realise she’s treading a path that has been trodden by Sammie before her, as Jay becomes increasingly controlling and abusive, and she finds herself trapped.

But what neither Felicity nor Sammie realise is that there has always been someone else in the background of Jay’s life; someone obsessed and dangerous, someone who they really shouldn’t turn to for help, because when it comes to Jay, this person will do anything for him.