Approaching Menace – June Shaw

Whom could she trust?
How far will she go to save her little brother?
Josie Aspen must race against time and her greatest fear
to escape a killer racing after her and the young boy she adores.

“Evil lurks in the shadows, keeping the reader always on edge.Readers who enjoy Mary Higgens Clark’s early book will welcome this novel.” Reviewer Cathy Penn
“I highly recommend this spine-chilling tale.” Reviewer Kathy Gaona
“I loved this book’s realism and fantastic ending. What a kicker of an ending! Five Stars!” Dolphin’s Book Reviews

From bestselling author June Shaw, David award finalist for Best Mystery of the Year and representative of her state in Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter, comes this exciting suspense.

More praise for Approaching Menace….
“Josie Aspen confronts her obsessive mother while fighting to help the man she loves and save her critically-ill brother. This suspenseful thriller keeps the reader enthralled.” Reviewer Judy Nitz
“If you like scary stories, this one’s for you!” Lena’s Book Reviews