Aspeans The Beginning – Roy Dias

James spent his whole life just trying to be normal, to be accepted, to fit in, and now he finds out that he and his family are freaks. Just having Asperger’s syndrome had been bad enough, but according to what his father told him, he, his brother David, and James himself were all alien hybrids.

His father had managed to escape from a military base with this unwelcome information. People with Asperger’s descended from an alien species, so the government wanted to track down, monitor, and sterilize every individual with Asperger’s, keeping them under control. But for this very ambitious plan to work, the government had to guarantee total secrecy, and that had been lost with his father’s escape.

Now James and his family were being hunted down like animals. As James tried to make sense of it all, his father continued supplying them with more unwanted information. This alien species had been coming to earth since the dawn of man. They had sent breeders to seed and observers to watch, and there was more: before escaping, his father was able to decipher an alien symbol, and he discovered that on three occasions this alien species had sent one of their own to live among humans to influence their evolution. The outcome of the first visit was Isaac Newton, the outcome of the second visit was Albert Einstein, and the outcome of the third visit was James and David.

Would James and his family manage to find safety? Even then, what were they meant to do? And what did it have to do with the future of the human race?