Bay of Sighs – Nora Roberts

SCHLOW LIBRARY SELECTION: Nora Roberts’ Bay of Sighs, the second book in The Guardians Trilogy, continues the epic tale of six strangers with very special qualities/skills (seer, witch, mermaid, time traveler, werewolf & immortal) as they search the globe for stars hidden from an evil goddess who intends to use them for her own glory.

This part of the story contains many of Roberts’ classic trilogy points most notably three men and three women who end up in three couples fighting evil with magick (always ends with a K!) in ever-escalating battles. However, the emotional spectrum of this series seems more expansive in all directions.

There are truly funny moments as the eternally-bonded warriors become a family, and there are very dark moments as the evil Nerezza tortures not only them but her own minions. It even appears as though one of the couples, due to the traits that are allowing them to triumph, may not end up together forever, although I’m guessing that there will be a loophole before the end of the third book that gets around the problem.

As with most Nora Roberts’ titles, Bay of Sighs is an engaging book that allows the reader to disconnect from their own worries in favor of beautiful people working to save the world in fabulous locations.