Because My Mother Did It! – Shana B. Rhinehart

Have You …

Felt frustrated because your parents or children did not understand what you are saying?
Felt alone because you were not being heard?
Been accused of not listening when you were but the message was still not coming across resulting in bigger divide?
Ever noticed how your parents have difficulty understanding their parents?
Ever noticed how your grandparents use a certain set of words that you are unable to connect with and yet they think contains the answers to a mystery only known to their generation?

Because My Mother Did it! is the result of my effort to answer these questions. My journey began when I wanted to know why there was a generational disconnect between parents and children and how to fix it. How questions have answers. I needed the answer to my family’s nightly communication debacle. Every night we would sit around the dinner table and discuss the issues of the day like getting chores done on time, why being respectful to your siblings was expected or how step parents are authority figures due respect too. In the process, a pattern emerged that reveals deep insights into inter-generational relationships of any era, offering answers to timeless questions on both sides of the equation. I began this journey to get closer to my children. It worked! I saw immediate results. You can too! Now let me share what I found and how it can help your family!