Blood of Toma – Lauren Lee Merewether

Running from death seemed unnatural to the Mexica High Priestess Tomantzin, but run she does.

She escapes to the jungle after witnessing her father’s murder amidst a power struggle within the Mexica Empire and fears for her life. Instead of finding refuge in the jaguar’s land, she falls into the hands of glimmering gods in search for glory and gold. With her nation already on the brink of civil war and its pending capture by these gods who call themselves Conquistadors, a bloody war is inevitable.

Tomantzin must choose to avenge her father, save her people, or run away with the man she is forbidden to love.

BLOOD OF TOMA has roots set in Ancient Mexica where the human sacrifice era of the Aztecs is about to come to a deathly halt by the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in an ambitious clash for power.