Body Language: How to Boost your Self-Esteem and Confidence – Ian Powell

The world has changed tremendously. One of these great changes is that individuality takes the center stage of your own advancement rather than the collectivity of the group of people to which you belong, but which must act as your very own stepping stone. Cut-throat competition has become the hallmark of success. Gone are the days when academic papers and technical skills would grant you an outright advantage over others. Like products on a supermarket shelf, what attracts potential customers to a certain product at first glance is the branding (that outward appearance due to its unique packaging) and positioning (how it is strategically placed to be conveniently utilized). Branding and positioning are no longer the domain of products but also individuals. Personal branding and posing have become the key.

Personal branding (or simply personal grooming) is packaging yourself for that outright advantage which distinguishes you from the rest. Posing is strategically positioning yourself in such a manner that allows your target opportunity (in this case, power) to flow your direction. You are a biological magnet and how you attract or repel opportunities would depend on that force (power) of attraction (personal brand) within you (your inner self) and how you have angled (posed) yourself. When it comes to magnets, the simple law is that unlike poles attract each other while like poles repel each other. You have to be that ‘unlike’ others in order to attract them – Yes, be unique, otherwise, you will repel them. Pose yourself as that unlike pole – the extraordinary. The ‘magnetic’ field of posing is your body language – that mute signal that beckons power (an opportunity) towards you.

The power of positive self-image cannot be underrated. Psychologists world-over concur that your first impression is a lasting impression. In this competitive world, where everything from home to school, from school to college, from college to career, is weighed by the competitive scale, you cannot gain that coveted competitive advantage without having polished your self-image.

Your social and emotional intelligence – probably the greatest of all your intelligence required for your success – are projected through your body language. How you are viewed and understood by the rest of the world depends so much on your body language. The kind of friends you engender, the strength of your bond with your seniors, your peers, and your juniors also depends on the power of your body language and the image it portrays.
Power posing is a unique domain of body language. It is all about posing in a manner that sends signals of power from yourself to those around you bringing forth that desired recognition of the power of your being.

Chapter 1 introduces the basic of power posing and all you ought to know about it. Chapter 2 enlightens you on the key benefits you would naturally derive from effective power posing. Chapter 3 goes to the depth of body language as your stealth communication engine which you ought to fine-tune for optimum impact. Chapter 4 outlays the actual mechanics of power posing – how to do it. You need to keep important tips in your mind so as to cast that powerful power pose which are itemized in Chapter 5.

Ultimately, you need to be happy. Faking a power pose doesn’t make you happy. It is exuding power from within that does. This book demonstrates to you how you can use power posing to work on your inner self in order to boost your self-esteem and exude an outright self-confidence that wins the appreciation of others.

I have successfully practiced power posing in my day-to-day life. I have registered great success in my career, in my enterprise and social relationships. I share with you in this book simple strategies that I have practically applied to great success which I believe can also help you succeed in your career, in your social circles and your business and leadership.