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The Name on Everyone’s Lips: Effective Frequency

There’s an interesting article on Indies Unlimited about “Effective Frequency.” In a nutshell, it says that advertising experts agree that repetition works, and that a reader needs to see your book at least seven times – and maybe as much as 20) before they will make that purchase.

Our question is: How do you do that? How do you reach an audience seven times?

The typical book promotion is a newsletter appearance for one day, and you can’t run in that newsletter again for a couple of months. It would take you more than a year to reach that audience seven times. And if the real number is 20, over three years. That can’t be an Effective Frequency.

You could run your book in seven different newsletters around the same month and hope their audiences overlap. That could be expensive, and the overlap might be minimal.

So how do you show your book to the same reader seven times – without taking years and without breaking your budget?

We have a solution.

We have a daily audience. Data shows us which pages they visit most. We’ll run an ad for your book on those pages. To prevent ad blindness, we’ll move your ad to a different spot each day, and we’ll change the ad to take advantage of the page.

And just in case the real number for Effective Frequency is 20 – we’ll run your ad for 21 days.

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