Brick Lane East-end Pub-share – Stephanie Harte

Brick Lane East-end pub-share… will make you laugh, cry and cower at the same time

• Q: What do you get if you have eight people and a dog living above a derelict pub and a womanising, chain-smoking property landlord that doesn’t give a flying…fig..?
• A: Absolute mayhem !
Everyday life at its worst and best.

After leaving college and university, our interesting tribe never imagined they’d be living with more complete strangers. Let alone become an eight strong, extended alternative family…

Take a behind-the-scenes peep and sideways glance into the funtastic world of honest and working-class, communal-life in London’s vibrant and colourful east-end. A story of nurturing friendships, loyalties and bonding with sprinkles of love, sex, bitching & battling and all that other distinctly serious stuff…

Quirks and imperfections… Moods and emotions… Realities and dramas…Hopes and fears…
A story tinged with all the characteristics that make us human, and that bring our flat-mates together as one.
A melancholy and heartwarming mission of sharing & domestication in 2016.