Bridging Engagement Gaps: An Essential Resource Guide to Strengthen Workplace Engagement – Vincent Miholic

Vincent Miholic, Ph.D. guides readers, managers, workers in finding confluence of head, heart. Bridging Engagement Gaps provides a comprehensive synthesis that provides contexts and thought-provoking questions for introspection for all levels of business practice and students considering workplace dynamics.

“Given the extensive research and suggested practices related to helping workers actualize their passion, meaning at work, discretionary effort and connecting purpose to organizational goals, why do workplaces continue to struggle with motivating and engaging each other?” In his new book, author Vincent Miholic, Ph.D. asks and provides the answers as shares the ways of “Bridging Engagement Gaps” (a Berrett-Koehler Open Book Edition through iUniverse).

Miholic’s comprehensive rendering, Bridging Engagement Gaps: An Essential Resource Guide to Strengthen Workplace Engagement, is grounded on the central argument that engagement, foremost, is a result of valuing others, helping others identifying the talent and gifts they bring to work, helping them feel and know that they make a difference is central to motivation and engagement. The text further explores finding those aspects that cement personal value in the context of organizational values and means of valuing others. With an eclectic blend of business research and analysis, philosophy and the arts, as well as practical examples and illustrations, this book brings forward the foundational constructs related to realizing optimal worker engagement.

Front-line engagement and recognition initiatives, Bridging Engagement Gaps insists, include authentic conversations about obstacles and impediments which complicate bringing out the best in people. The decisions workers, particularly leaders, make when beset by dire circumstances are what brings meaning and purpose to life and work. Miholic emphasizes, “The book explores the behaviors and actions that contribute to promoting optimal profit or service and examines the complex relationships that are directly tied to the generative and intrinsic patterns that create energy and satisfying fun, flow, passion and joy in work.”