Brother Raven and Other Tales from the Middle of Nowhere – Angelo and Leland Dirks

Bite-sized fiction, served up with mouthwatering photography. This collection of more than forty tiny stories includes tantalizing tidbits of westerns, romance, and even science fiction. Heartbreak, wisdom, and joy are offered in equal measure, finding balance between sweet and sour.

Brother Raven, the taciturn bird who walks with a hermit; a wolf who is more than he appears; a bickering alien couple who rekindle their romance; and a dog who answers a question about his master’s death—these are but a few of the characters you’ll meet along the way.

These stories are just the right size for the subway, the elevator, or any time you only have a few moments to read. Long after you’ve finished the last page and looked at the last photograph, the stories will stay with you.

Zero carbs, zero calories, and no added sugar, but good taste guaranteed.