Burn the Rabbit: Rabbit in Red Volume Two – Joe Chianakas

Bill Wise can’t wait to return to Rabbit in Red Studios–this time as a student in JB’s brand-new Horror College. He’s looking forward to learning the craft, renewing last year’s friendships, and above all, to seeing Jaime, and finally asking her to be his girlfriend.

But before he even gets to see her, one of their own is violently attacked. JB goes on the hunt, and the students learn about his troubled past, which changes their views of him forever. As their project, they create Rabbit in Red’s most terrifying and disturbing challenge yet, Hellfire, and use it to recruit a new class of horror students.

Then the bodies start piling up, and the mysteries become more and more dangerous. Is this another one of JB’s dark games-within-a-game, or will Rabbit in Red–and everyone in it–burn in the end?