Current Campaign Schedule

1 Front, top The Berry Pickers – Amanda Peters
2 Books, right Ghosts of Honolulu – Mark Harmon, Leon Carroll
3 Specials, right Alex Cross Must Die – James Patterson
4 Books, footer The Way I Am Now – Amber Smith
5 Categories, right System Collapse – Martha Wells
6 Trending, footer The Edge (6:20 Man, 2) – David Baldacci
7 My List, left Nuts and Bolts: Seven Small Inventions That Changed the World in a Big Way – Roma Agrawal
8 Categories, footer The Little Liar – Mitch Albom
9 Unfiltered, left Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America – Ted Cruz
10 Daily, right The Narrow Road Between Desires – Patrick Rothfuss
11 Collections, left Powerless – Lauren Roberts
11 Collections, left Where’s Chuckawalla Bill’s Cabin?: A True Tale of Being Lost in the Hi-Desert – Kevin Heaton
12 Unfiltered, footer The Lost Library – Rebecca Stead, Wendy Mass
13 Trending, right The Dictionary People: The Unsung Heroes Who Created the Oxford English Dictionary – Sarah Ogilvie
14 Front, left My Name Is Barbra – Barbra Streisand