Candid Shot – Nessa Connor

One killer. One target. No rules.

When Tony Mantini leaves the military, he finds there’s not a lot of demand for ex-Army snipers, until the Ricciardo crime family gives him an outlet for his elite skills. Everything changes the day Tony learns that the Don’s nephew is a traitor. Worse, he’s hunting down the beautiful blonde photographer who witnessed his crime.

Alicia Clayton has been building a reputation for her gritty images of New York City’s seamy underbelly. On the eve of her first gallery show, she’s running for her life after seeing something she shouldn’t have. Betrayed to the Don, her only hope is the rugged stranger who helps her escape, and fills her with a longing that no amount of danger can quench.

Surrounded by enemies, Tony and Alicia must trust each other if they’re to stay alive. As the death toll rises, old loyalties are washed away in blood…and their only hope of survival is the fragile new bond forged in the incendiary heat between them.