Can’t Love You More – Sabrina Quinn

Braelyn and Aiden have been best friends since they were eight years old. The two of them had a special bond that only grew deeper the older they became. The love that was once considered one of a kind was shattered graduation night, resulting in Braelyn leaving her small hometown for the big city. She now has a secret of her own to shield.

A year in Chicago altered her life more than she ever thought imaginable. Braelyn moves back to Indiana in desperation to find the happy, free-spirited girl she left behind, but she isn’t sure that is possible.

Braelyn’s new downstairs neighbor, Gabe, is quickly becoming her new best friend. Though jaded from his own past back in Georgia, he is on a mission to help her out of the deep depression that has consumed her over the past year.

Can Gabe help Braelyn find herself? Will Aiden’s confession change the past, or will it ruin her forever?