Castle Juliet – Brandon Berntson

Welcome to Storyville, where you never grow old and magic lasts forever.

Jack Bristol and Alice Skylar are the best of friends…perhaps future man and wife. For Jack, Storyville is alive with pink lasers, an evil wizard named Doornail, and ferocious, man-eating tigers. But to Alice, it’s just Jack having fun with his vivid imagination.

But Storyville does have it’s own special kind of magic, and as Jack and Alice embark on a year-long adventure of whimsical fantasies, snowball fights, memorable holidays, and pony rides, something more profound and fantastical is taking place. Each season opens to a timeless mystery, where everyone in Storyville – man, woman, parent and child – is left in a rapturous state of youth, leaving Jack and Alice to wonder over the miracle of love and friendship and the magical place they call home.

Described as a modern children’s classic, Castle Juliet is a fantasy-filled adventure of love, friendship, and profound imagination that will easily touch your heart. Treat yourself to this enchanting, charming, and magical read!