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Call of Kythshire – Missy Sheldrake

The existence of the fairies of Kythshire is a secret kept for over a century… Azaeli has trained from a young age in order to follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a Knight of His Majesty’s Elite. When she finally becomes a Squire, her name is mysteriously left off of the list for the King’s Quest. Her parents set off without her, but the simple quest goes awry leaving tragedy in its wake. With the help of her lifelong friend, Rian, a Mage apprentice, ...

Spell Breaker: The Chronicles of Eledon Book One – Joni Parker

Lady Alexin Dumwalt breaks the unbreakable spell around Seaward Isle, allowing the inhabitants to escape to Eledon, the World of the Elves. Alex intends to remain with her Elf grandmother while her mortal friends await the promised help to return to Earth. However, Alex’s mission against a corrupt Elfin politician puts her life in jeopardy and her only hope of survival rests with her mortal friends.

Dragon Dreams (The Chronicles of Shadow and Light) Book 1 – Dusty Lynn Holloway

A prophecy of murder. An elf hunted by dragons. One man who risks everything to save her. Nachal is a human that should not be having prophetic Dragon Dreams. But he does. Every night he dreams of an elf running through flames, trying in vain to outrun the Rebel Dragon Obsidian. Every night he sees her fall. Sees her eyes close. Feels her heart as it slows, and then stops. Every night, through the connection of the dream, he dies with her. It’s a spiral ...

Strange Luck – Amie Irene Winters

Daisy Darling has never believed in the supernatural nor the spooky claims about the items sold in her family’s antique shop. She’s never sprouted wings, shaken hands with a time-traveling wizard, or even had a boyfriend. All she knows is a boring life taking care of her ailing father in her tiny mountain town. That all changes when the seventeen-year-old opens a mysterious letter with a map to an incredible place far from her world. But Daisy finds out that the inhabitants of this world ...

Saving Angel – J.L. Weil

I wondered what my life would be like if we had never moved to the ho-dunk town of Spring Valley, Illinois. Sure the internet service was splotchy, there was nothing but miles of wheat fields, and I probably wouldn’t be faced with death at every corner. My only neighbor in this god forsaken town was…well there really was only one way to describe him, hot as hell. With his sinful dark looks, unusually silver eyes, and kissable lips, there was something about him that was ...

Mage Catalyst – Christopher George

Devon had always just assumed that he was normal, just like everyone else. It wasn’t until he met Renee that he realized that he was something different – something dangerous. He is a Mage. Led into a world of corruption and power, Devon soon learns that there is always a price for power.

Fire and Sword – Dylan Doose

Three men condemned to die: Aldous Weaver, a lonely heretic monk turned sorcerer, is imprisoned for accidentally incinerating the leader of his order. Kendrick the Cold, an infamous crusader turned fugitive, is a villain who knows he can never be a hero. Theron Ward, an aristocrat with a penchant for slaughtering monsters, is a legend in his own mind. A broken nation in need of a savior: Ravaged by plague, decimated by dark magic, Brynth is infiltrated by a foreign evil seeking to dominate from ...

The Last Five Days – Michael Tyne

Smart, witty, and insightful. - BookoftheDay.org ... Imagine the greatest secret in human history. Something that humans have desired since they first became conscious of death: eternal life. A gift from another race… Here. In England.... And somewhere out there, in the darkness and rain of a northern English winter, a wild-card. A maniac, who seeks one thing and one thing only: He wants all of them – every last one of them – dead.