Vampire – In the Beginning – Charmain Marie Mitchell

A sin born from love provokes the ultimate punishment from God – the truth behind the creation of vampires. Vampire – In the Beginning is the first in a series of books by the author Charmain Marie Mitchell. The series tells the story of Gwen a 500 year old vampire, her long and eventful life, and her quest to discover the truth behind the creation of vampirism.

The Cemetery Boys – Heather Brewer

Part Hitchcock, part Hinton, this first-ever stand-alone novel from Heather Brewer, New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series, uses classic horror elements to tell a darkly funny coming-of-age story about the dangerous power of belief and the cost of blind loyalty that Kirkus Reviews called “a slick, spooky, chilling mystery.” When Stephen’s dad says they’re moving, Stephen knows it’s pointless to argue. They’re broke from paying Mom’s hospital bills, and now the only option left is to live with ...

Where Darkness Dwells – Glen Krisch

“Every new book by Glen Krisch is a reason to celebrate. Seeming to come from out of nowhere, he writes with the kind of assured, lyrical style that makes other writers salivate. Count me as one of them. He knows what makes a story tick. He knows the value of character. And he knows how to scare you. And he does it all like someone who has been writing since before King was King. Mark my words: The future for Krisch is going to be ...

Dark Promises – Christine Feehan

Lovers challenge destiny and risk their lives in the new Carpathian novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling “queen of paranormal romance.”* Gabrielle has had enough of battles, of wars, of seeing the man she’s engaged to nearly lose his life when it isn’t even his fight. Once Gary was a gentle and very human researcher. Now he’s a fearless and lethal Carpathian warrior with the blood of an ancient lineage coursing through his veins—a man Gabrielle still needs and dreams of with every breath she takes. ...

Mechaniclism – Lynn Lamb

In 1632, Lord August Godwine, an Austrian nobleman, commissions Swiss clockmaker Frederick Jori to create a miniature city of automatons to amuse himself and impress the aristocracy. When Jori refuses to commit offenses against God, he undergoes brutal, unimaginable torture until the once-pious craftsman surrenders to his fate. But what he hides in the innocuous-appearing automatons ignites a horrific apocalypse—one that will not be realized for 400 years. In 21st century San Francisco, Ireland Barton is a brilliant, successful young scientist, but there is one ...

A Pumpkins Halloween – Mark Kasniak

A Pumpkins’ Halloween is a wonderful tale that embodies all the right attributes that sum up the spirit of the holiday of Halloween. Ghosts, zombies, vampires, maniacs, witches, and talking jack-o-lanterns all take turns playing different roles in this multi-storied novella. A Pumpkin’s Halloween brings to you everything you remember that was fun about Halloween along with a good dose of dark humor, while at the same time scaring and sickening you with its real-life tales of depravity. A Pumpkins’ Halloween follows the story telling ...

Escape From Purgatory – Sephor Rud

Damien Ambrose finds himself in a dark haze about the bloody night that his family was killed by him. He remembers nothing about the murder, and finds himself remembering less about his family. Could he really have killed them, or is there some other explanation? We follow Damien as he goes through a psychiatric ward to the infamous Mansfield Asylum for the criminally insane. Delve deep inside the mind of an isolated life, where the battle of sanity is a constant war. Is he damned ...

Father of Lies – Sarah England

Ruby is the most aggressively disturbed patient ever admitted to Drummersgate High Security Forensic Unit, on the bleak Derbyshire moors in England. With no improvement after almost two years, psychiatrist Jack McGowan, finally decides to take a risk and hypnotises her . With devastating effects.

Slade House – David Mitchell

Spanning five decades, from the last days of the 1970s to the present, leaping genres, and barreling toward an astonishing conclusion, this intricately woven novel will pull you into a reality-warping new vision of the haunted house story—as only David Mitchell could imagine it. A Publishers Weekly Literary Fiction Top 10 Pick for Fall 2015

Exhibit 692: Love in the Time of Zombies – Margaret Fisher

Described as a "zombie novel with a twist," Exhibit 692: Love in the Time of Zombies takes readers on a very personal journey through The Outbreak. Karen, a solitary survivor in her mid-twenties, decides on a whim to start recording her daily life as she travels around the Midwest, decapitating every zombie she comes across.

Doctor Sleep – Stephen King

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to The Shining, Stephen King’s 1977 best-seller. In an interview with NPR’s David Greene, King tells why he returned to Danny and the characters of the Overlook Hotel for this book. I wanted to revisit Danny and see what he was like as a grown-up. I think that we all have this … desire to reconnect with friends from when we were younger — you know, that’s the whole basis of high school and college reunions. So, I was also wanting to ...

Revelations – Kevin Wright

THE CITY IS INFESTED. Vampires, werewolves, and demons stalk the streets, plying their dark trade. But they're the least of the city's problems. Bloodthirsty, slavering, horrific, they at least follow the old ways... THE NEW GUY DOESN’T. A junky gunslinger, he's slunk into town, and he's killing everybody and anybody. No one's safe.