GrimNoir – Kevin Wright

Seven tales that will take you places you never knew existed, places you never knew you wanted to go, places you’ll hunger to return to. Travel along that razor’s edge separating horror and fantasy. Explore the desolate New England wilds where a woman of will and wit collides against a monstrosity of tooth and claw. Descend into the depths of the earth where dark things die and rise again. Trace the steps of a famed jungle explorer lost to the wilds, and pray his fate is not your own.

The Tome – Troy Christensen

Jim Jason - harassed, berated, and bullied at school - never thought he would be able to exact revenge against his fellow students. Then one day he finds an ancient book, The Tome. The many varied short stories whisper to him, telling Jim how to get even, to take what he wants in the world. He realizes the power on the yellowed pages and focuses all his lusts and desires onto the one girl he wishes to have.

Fifty Odd Shades of Monochrome – Tony Spencer

This eclectic collection of 58 stories, "Fifty Odd Shades of Monochrome", in the form of shorts, poems, Drabbles and novellas, covers a wide range of genres, humour, romance, drama, science fiction, fantasy, contemporary and historical. Some will make you laugh, a few may bring a tear to your eye, but I assure you that, unlike similar titles, only the English language is bullied into submission.

Encore – Margaret Lynette Sharp

With her Mum and Dad overseas, sixteen year old Annie is left in the care of her happily married sister, Sarah. Alarm bells ring in Sarah's head when she learns of the teenager's infatuation with seasonal worker Keiran, whose good looks, charm and maturity ensure he is never short of attention.