Champagne Moments – Angela Stevens

Roxy Holland is a small town girl, Johnny Brooks is the new guy in college. One glance across the bar and Johnny is smitten. But Rick Stamford, Johnny’s new hockey coach, has one rule for his players. No one dates Roxy or her friend Maya.

Champagne Moments is a gentle introduction to the stars of the Cocktail Series. It can be read as a standalone or in any order to the main novels. It is a shorter companion novella that serves as a prequel to this popular contemporary romance series.

The Cocktail Series is a set of standalone stories that revolve around a tight knit community of hockey players. Each has a healthy dose of steam and is an emotional rollercoaster. Gritty language, with characters that are so 3-dimensional you’d think they are in the room with you, Angela Stevens’ series tackles harsh topics with no holds barred.