Cinderella Shoots the Moon – Arlie Corday

Cinderella Shoots the Moon is an exciting and poignant novel about growing up in 1960s America; it’s a perfect beach read for adults and YA lovers of all ages.

You’ll discover what happens when teen Tara Harris learns her best friend Abbie Sullivan is in more trouble than she ever dreamed possible – even as Tara herself struggles in a family tormented by alcoholism and isolation. Dubbing themselves the Cinderella Girls, the girls run away to escape their nightmares. But when tragedy strikes, threatening to end their flight to freedom, Tara reconnects with an older and wiser Cinderella Girl. That’s when the real magic starts to happen.

A book for anyone who has ever dreamed of a better life, Cinderella Shoots the Moon is an adventure like no other. From farm country in the middle of nowhere to dangerous city streets, Tara and Abbie use their wits and will to survive as con artists, nannies, self-educated students and gang members.

Available as an ebook or paperback, Cinderella Shoots the Moon is sold on, where 90 percent of the reviews are five stars, and through Barnes and Noble and independent bookstores. You’ll fall in love with three generations of women who vow to make a life of their own choosing while searching for a happy ending.