Collateral Circulation: a Medical Mystery – Barbara Ebel, M.D.

A lavishly enriched blood supply piques Dr. Danny Tilson’s interest as he performs a routine surgery on Varg Dagmar’s brain. He soon discovers that it’s not just his patient’s cranial anatomy that’s remarkable, but his superlative mental capabilities as well.

As more and more patients surface with similar mystifying profiles, Danny searches for answers. If he can figure out the cause of this surge in advanced mental faculties, the ramifications to humankind could be staggering.

Danny wonders, however. Is this mysterious brain power too good to be true?


A physician, speaker, and former chemist, Barbara Ebel’s writing draws heavily from her experience as an anesthesiologist, her dealings with family court, and her interactions with people and places from around the world.

“This third addition to the Danny Tilson medical mystery series won’t disappoint either old fans or newcomers who love medical intrigue ala Robin Cook and the best medical writers in the genre.

Contemporary and wide-ranging in scope, Collateral Circulation provides yet another powerful Danny Tilson medical mystery/thriller; … it’s safe to say newcomers will want to go back to the other books in the series for further character insights and adventure.”
D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review