Come Eat at My Table – Ruth O’Neil

Karin Miller has a need to feed everyone. One of her twin daughters always teases her about it, while the other daughter, Faith, realizes there’s more to it than meets the eye. Faith’s suspicions are confirmed when she is assigned a project in school that forces Karin to talk about her past.

Most people have pleasant memories from childhood, but not Karin. Instead, she has a lot of secrets that she has managed to keep hidden for twenty years. These secrets have contributed to her vulnerability and lack of self-esteem.

Her husband tries to convince her to talk their girls about it and let it out. Would it be good for the girls to learn more about their mom and why she is the person she is? Until Karin faces her past she and her family cannot face their future. Everyone has things in their life that forms who they are. It’s Karin’s past that has formed who she is.