Concept Builder: Five Business Ideas that Work – John Endris

Have you always wanted to have your own business yet never had the perfect idea? Maybe you did, but just did not notice it was just the right one? Whether you are an idea machine or struggle to find new ideas, this book help you build a great list of potential business ideas.

In this short read, all of the key things you need to help you come up with a list of excellent business ideas for a great business plan are covered in a succinct way. It won’t take you long to learn how to use disruptive business strategy from the simple examples of the five most common business models included in this book.

This book will help inspire you to come up with something unique yet classically simple.

Here are a few things you will be able to use right away….

• How to define an industry
• How to find a niche market
• Tools and techniques for developing a competitive edge
• Learn how legacy firms are disrupted
• Ways to grow your business idea list

Author Profile:

John Endris is a business strategy advisor who specializes in helping people to achieve their fullest potential. He has worked in banking operations for almost a decade, and has also built a small business from scratch. John earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and an MBA from St Mary’s University.