ConneXions – Thelma Mariano

A dating site where lonely women have become prey:

Eleven women have been strangled in Montreal. While homicide investigators seek their man, a copycat killer has found the perfect cover-up. Kyle uses a popular dating site to target his prey – “attached” women seeking intimate encounters.

STEPHANIE – Trapped in a loveless marriage to a corporate lawyer, she’s looking for more than a brief affair. Kyle appears to be the man of her dreams – charismatic and sensitive to her needs. Only losing everything she holds dear forces her to face the addiction that’s eroding her life.

JENNY – Her high-pressure career is straining her days and she’s tired of spending her nights alone. After two failed relationships, she masquerades as a married woman on the system to avoid commitment.

DANA is studying why women have affairs for a thesis in psychology, and arranges interviews with women through ConneXions. She links the killer to the dating site. To prove her theory, she, too, must play his game