Cook Your Way to Love & Harmony – Agus Ekanurdi

Solid relationships are built on trust, honesty, and care, and Cook Your Way to Love & Harmony showcases this in a spectacular fashion – through the viewpoint of Agus, loving husband to Frida, you’re given a front-row seat into his marriage, including every unexpected turn in the roller-coaster ride that is married life.

Nothing is left secret, as we see how Agus and Frida manage problems most relationships are faced with today, and the lovingly-made meals that helping to spur them forward on their journey through marriage.

With each chapter revolving around a specific meal that marks a decisive point in their lives, you too can read along and see how cooking has helped their relationship – and potentially yours too.

Over a dozen South-East Asian inspired recipes are included with the book alongside charming drawings, pictures, and stories to go with them.

An entertaining and often deeply introspective journey into the head of a married man trying to do his best by his wife – a heart-warming read that will have you wondering what you’ve done lately to show someone you care.