Cordoum – Philip Hallenborg

What if everything you thought you knew was a lie?

Molecular biologist Martin Lindvad rushes to Norway at the request of his former teacher and mentor, Haakon Sandberg. Before his old friend can share what he’s learned, he’s assassinated, and Martin is the primary suspect. Martin flees the scene and teams up with Haakon’s widow. They set out to unravel why someone wanted the beloved scientist dead. They soon learn that Haakon possessed terrifying information about SARS, the virus that ravaged Asia at the beginning of the millennium. An unthinkable alliance will do everything to keep that information hidden.

My name is Philip Hallenborg. I work as a molecular biologist at the University of Southern Denmark. You can find my scientific merits using the link below.
I’m perhaps not the most successful scientist but a detective in nature’s secrets, nevertheless. My main research topics are obesity and type II diabetes development.

Besides spending time in the lab, I like reading fiction books. I’ve always dreamt of writing one myself, and I have finally succeeded. I present to you ‘Cordoum’. As my passion in life is science, the book is crammed full of that. Real science. It’s a Dan Brown-like thriller, and it includes a conspiracy founded upon true historic events in the scientific world.