Courage of a Vampire – Nancy T. Lucas

Maggie moves from a small Southern town to Richmond, VA, as a pre-med student and meets a strange group of kids at her college. They refer to themselves as “Vampire Groupies”; they file their canine teeth and drink fake blood. Maggie uses them to hide in plain sight (since she suspects herself to be a real vampire), and falls in love with the self-nicknamed Vlad, formerly known in the Richmond suburbs where he grew up as Larry Marker.

However, Maggie becomes a victim herself when she falls into a sealed train tunnel on Church Hill; she hides her bodies in there and falls in with her latest corpse. Unfortunately, she stabs herself with her own veterinary gun needle, bleeds out and wakes ten years later. To her horror, despite being in partial denial about her true nature for years, she awakens, has not physically aged, and most definitely a real vampire. And the worst part? All her friends, including Vlad, have moved on. Maggie is determined to follow him to Charleston, SC but when she arrives she meets and falls in love with Byron, a billionaire who owns a medical research company. He is obsessed with unlocking the secret to immortality and Maggie agrees to be a test subject in his experiment.

Of course, Vlad is apprehensive about Byron’s concern for Maggie’s well-being, but Maggie is also obsessed with her own immortality and the idea of finding al the answers through science and technology.