Covert Dreams – Michael Meyer

When B.J., a happily married man, suddenly begins having increasingly violent but very lifelike nightmares about experiences in Germany that he knows cannot be true because he has never been there, he realizes that something horrific is taking over his mind, although no one will believe him.

When Stan Halsey and his wife, Valerie, venture to the Middle East, she suddenly disappears, as does all paperwork attesting to her very existence, and both the American and Saudi Arabian governments refuse to investigate.

Now both B.J. and Stan Halsey, unknown to each other, sensing a government cover up of some kind, realize that they alone must find the truth behind their terrible ordeals before it is too late.

If you love fast-paced international thrillers, then take on Covert Dreams. It is like “reading Robert Ludlum and the Bourne series” (Dale Roberts).