Cowboy Poet – William Drake

Selected poems by Western Film Director William Drake.

The Gunfighter

I carry my gun high on my hip

My pant legs tucked inside my boots

My hands are steady and fast

I can’t afford to slip

When you meet me, be ready to shoot

I’ve never had a home or friend

Always on the run, but never a runner

I know the next bullet may be my end

That’s the life of the hunted, not the hunter

I want to love

But can’t take the chance

At times I’ll try my luck

And pray I don’t die

I’ve seen a pretty girl

At a social event or dance

But that’s the way it is

A gunfighter must try

I’d like to settle down

Own a ranch with my name on the gate

But I’m looking behind every hill or tree

Just knowing there’s a sheriff laying in wait

Some say I’m ruthless and mean

Just for the Thrill

That I’ll gun you down just for the fun

They’re more deadly than I

They pay me to kill

So I’m forced to show I’m fastest with a gun

I’m not a legend, they don’t know

I was just lucky the first time I tried

Then my reputation began to grow

I was proud so I talked and lied

That’s the way it is when you carry a gun

Day in and day out, you’re on the run

If life offers you a choice, a fair start

Don’t choose the gun, be wise, be smart