Cyber Doomsday – Garth Wilcox

Cyber terrorists have developed a new type of malicious code. It has the potential to freeze all digital technology in one massive cyber attack. This act of cyber warfare would cripple the power grid, topple the banking system, and shut down all communications and transportation. The result would throw our nation back to the horse and buggy days. Our digitally connected society is not prepared to live without technology. The terrorists demand a 30 billion dollar ransom as well as the lifting of some politically motivated sanctions. A newly elected President of the United States must decide how to deal with the crisis. He has the leadership ability to bring out the best in people, so he enlists the help of the brightest cyber security experts on the planet. They must find a remote location in which to develop an antidote for the malicious code…or better yet to steal it from the adversary. They hide out in the mountains of Montana and work to stop the massive attack within the 30 day deadline. Will they be able to do it?