Dark Communion – CJ Perry

Long ago, the son of the Night Goddess, Tor, sacked a Temple of Light. For his crime, The Sun God cursed Tor, transforming him into a half-beast – a minotaur. When Tor returned to the Night Goddess’ temple he demanded the curse removed. But because he had violated a lawful truce, the Sun God’s curse could not be lifted so long as he still lived. Tor slayed all the priests but one, a woman whom he kept as his slave. She died months later, birthing Tor’s first son – a minotaur. Thus Tor discovered that his curse passed to his male offspring, and sired an unstoppable army. His sons and grandsons enslaved the people, and razed every temple of the Night Goddess until her power all but vanished from the world. But one remained hidden beneath Hornstall Keep, waiting for a priestess to come and break the curse.

Two hundred years later, Ayla lays down in her cabin after a brutal assault by her minotaur master. As she falls asleep she whispers the same prayer she does every night, to join her mother in the afterlife. While her mother cannot hear prayers, the Night Goddess does, and visits Ayla in her dreams. She tells Ayla the story of Tor and a horrible truth – she’s carrying a minotaur child. With nothing left to live for and a death sentence in her womb, Ayla trades her soul for a chance to break the curse that keeps her people in chains. Armed only with her faith she sets out for Hornstall Keep – a minotaur stronghold – to begin the revolution.