Dark Heaven – Timothy Murangiri

Leo is a high ranking officer in the defense forces. In that position he’s entitled to benefits like working at the headquarters as well as having access to unfiltered military reports. And so far everything seems to flow well.

But then one day he awakens to a wild report, which changes the course of his career, and by extension, his life. Apparently, the country’s surveillance system in orbit has been disrupted. In consequence, there arise two differing schools of thought; whereby on the one hand folks say it’s a natural cause, and on the other there’s a conjecture on extraterrestrial doings.

The speculations cannot be wished away. And so, the defense forces partners with the space agency to search out the answers. An expedition is set up to travel away in the moon and spy on the activities around Earth orbit. As fate would have it, Leo is chosen as part of the team, which sees him delegate work to juniors. In preparation of the mission they are first flown to a simulated lunar environment. Then they shoot off to space.

Soon after landing on the moon, the crew gets out for lunar walk, except Alex. Leo gets angered by Alex’s apparent cowardice. But surprisingly Alex seems to know more than Leo may guess. He points Leo to an alien base that the others aren’t privy to. Under Alex’s command, they both make an escape, and awaken the curiosity of the rest of the team. But they fail to stop them. A short moment later, the aliens burn out the human’s spacecraft.

Leo and Alex reach the outer core and get inside. Then they come upon a half beast-half man that seems to know Leo in detail. Suddenly, Alex disappears as if by magic. At this point Leo awakens to the realization that the narrative may be planned rather than coincidental. In the end, he commits to work in allegiance to the lunar forces; which earns him a prize.