Dating Again: A Guide to Dating Just When You Thought You Were Done – Robert M. Fleisher

Dating Again is a sentimental, emotional, nostalgic, and most of all, laugh out loud book on dating.

There usually comes a time in everyone’s life that they need to search for companionship. It’s never easy to do in youth, but it’s much harder the second time around. Here’s a guide to help navigate the perils and pleasures of dating… again.

Divorce, death, dysfunction are the three D’s that finds people alone and lonely. Learn how to make companionship and love happen all over again.

If you’ve been alone for some time now, or if you’re ready to move on and need advice on how to get back into the dating game, it’s all right here in Dating Again.

Gadzooks! Dating again has to be scary for most people, and that’s why you need this guide to dating in the Internet based world of modern relationships.

Even if you have no interest in dating right now, you can’t forget the thrill of bringing a new partner into your life. Who says you can’t do it again? The world may have changed since you last found yourself looking for love. You may need help.

Wasn’t it until death do us part? Oh, yes, for some it was death that took us apart. For others, it was the death of the relationship. In either case, you now find yourself alone, and even lonely (big difference). You want to venture out and connect with someone on a higher level. Yes, you want to have sexual relations with someone new, after 10, 20, 30, and even more years of being with the same person. You may not even want the sexual relations, but the possibility that your new mate might want to indulge puts you in a state of confusion, anxiety, and basic fear of engagement (not the type that comes with a ring).

Bring sunshine and humor into your life with Dating Again. Get back in the game.

Robert Fleisher, author of many self-help books, has touched upon topics that include everything from first date, to first sex, the first goodbye to the seven categories of people you will meet once dating again. It’s all in one easy to read book. First time daters will benefit as well.