Dearest Love (Do You Remember) – Patrice Wayne

Texan Isaac Barclay thinks the South isn’t all it’s been rumored to be. There’s a definite shortage of moonlight and magnolias. He’s yet to meet any Southern Belles and he’s not sure he’ll survive the Civil War. But when the Confederate troops fall back into the sleepy town of Vicksburg, Mississippi, he meets a beautiful widow who is as attracted to him as he is to her.

As the Yankees lay siege to the troops and the city, Isaac and Susanna Lambert fall in love. When he suffers from swamp fever, it’s her tender care that keeps him alive but as he weakens, everyone including Susanna, his brother Zach, and Susanna’s maid Venus knows he’ll die without quinine. Victory seems unlikely for the Rebel soldiers but Isaac would settle for a happy ending with Susanna back home in Texas – but he has to live before it can be possible.