Deferred: My Extraordinary Journey to New York University Abu Dhabi – Michael Ttappous

A story shared through the heart and eyes of a maturing high school teenager, ‘Deferred’ is an honest journey into what it means to find a sense of purpose. It takes on the early, character-building battles of academics that every student braves and steadily transforms into an adventure of discovery and development. And as the weight of ignorance and inexperience looms heavy on the fringe of carefully crafted visions of the future, and which progressively take precedence over all else, Michael’s memoir is one that challenges the idea of acceptance and surrender–both in the literary sense and the literal. In the face of possible–yet still imagined–prosperity, it is dedication to ideals that brings strength to weakness, even in the most unlikely of times, and leaves readers with the question, “Is the right decision always the one worth making?”